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New Player Enters the Swedish Investment Scene 

ALDEON to focus on early stage founders within games & tech 

Stockholm (Jan 26, 2020) - Spearheaded by industry and entreprenural veterans Daniel Laurén, Susana Meza Graham, and Andras Vajlok, ALDEON is a newly formed independent investment company focused on working with games and tech start-ups in their early stages. The new initiative currently has 20 holdings, acquired by its three founders over a number of years. 

ALDEON’s focus will primarily be on local entrepreneurs in the Nordics as the founders believe there is strength in proximity combined with the incredible hotbed of talent found within the region. Its strength lies in the collective years of experience that the founders have in their respective areas of expertise. ALDEON will not be raising external capital at this time.

“We’ve all been involved in building, scaling and managing fast-growing companies,” said Daniel Laurén, CEO of ALDEON. “We know first-hand what fuels passionate founders but also how easy it is to kill that motivation with the wrong partners. In ALDEON, we will work with digital companies as an active partner with a long-term perspective and we believe we can bring a wide range of experiences, competences, contacts and capital that will enable founders to build great companies.” 

“We've spent a lot of time evaluating and consolidating not only our respective holdings but also the setup of ALDEON itself to ensure we have a robust portfolio mix we are happy with, companies that operate within sectors we know intimately, and a founding team with individual strengths that complement each other well,” said Susana Meza Graham, Chairwoman of the board at ALDEON. “Initially, we won’t be pursuing a high volume of new investments. Instead, we plan to make a carefully selected number of investments in companies where we identify that we can add value alongside visionaries and their founding teams.


Current holdings include companies like food waste company Karma, game studios Hello There Games and Neon Giant Games, VR/AR studio Resolution Games, AI companion studio TRU LUV, and private security app Vakta. 


About the founders: 

Daniel Laurén has spent the past 15 years founding and scaling companies as a CEO, entrepreneur and board member. His investment experience comes from working for a larger investment company as well as running his own. His investments have included a wide range of companies in different stages, such as current ALDEON holding Karma where he was an early investor and also served as Chairman of the Board. Daniel will operate as CEO of ALDEON.

Susana Meza Graham has spent the last 15 years active in the games industry, including 14 years in the operative management team of games company Paradox Interactive. Her main expertise lies in communication, marketing and organisational growth. She has been involved in the tech and games sector as an investor, advisor and board member for a number of years. Susana will serve as ALDEON’s Chairwoman of the Board. 

Andras Vajlok’s experience includes 7 years at Paradox Interactive as CFO where he also listed the company in 2016. He joined Paradox after serving 4 years at Nasdaq as Associate Vice President. Andras holds numerous board positions, including Chairman, in listed and unlisted companies and has been an active investor within tech and games for several years. 





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